One PDU to rule them all. The Eaton Universal Input Rack PDU

The new Eaton universal input rack PDU, or UPDU, wasn’t forged in the fires of Mount Doom or crafted by Elvish smiths, but it is a versatile data center PDU designed to make data center deployments simpler and easier — with a single chassis that can be deployed worldwide.

Ph-ph-ph-phases. The UPDU supports 5 kVA single-phase power through 23 kVA three-phase power, so if you need to change phases or power levels, you don’t need to change the PDU.

42 is really the answer to the Universe. The UPDU fits 42 outlets into a low-profile 42U chassis in a vertical 0U form factor, maximizing available rack space for revenue-generating equipment.

Load balancing is a multicolor dream. With color-coded outlet banks and corresponding circuit breakers, ensuring balanced loads is as easy as matching colors.

Speaking of colors... Not every power cord needs to be black as a Ring Wraith. You can match the UPDU with colored power cables to brighten your enclosures and more easily identify A and B power feeds.

C13 + C19 = C39 It’s science. The innovative C39 combo outlet can be used for both C14 and C20 plugs, so you don’t have to deal with the complexity of ordering different PDUs with multiple C13 and C19 outlet combinations.

Scale to infinity and beyond. Ok, maybe not infinity. But, with hot-swappable network modules and pre-installed mounting buttons, installation is simplified, especially in large- scale projects with hundreds or thousands of PDUs.

At home everywhere. Eaton does business in 170 countries. Our UPDU is designed to work in every one, with 12 detachable input cords that accommodate each country’s electrical standards.

Remote powers you will have, yes. The UPDU can be managed via web browser or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration into the Eaton Brightlayer Data Centers suite, so you can receive automated alerts and reboot individual outlets, or the entire PDU, as needed.

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