A heroic new UPS emerges. The Eaton 9PX 6 KVA Lithium-Ion UPS

From The Next Frontier of IT comes the newest lithium-ion UPS in our popular 9PX series. It’s designed to pack even longer battery life and faster recharge time into a smaller, lighter footprint. But how does the lithium-ion battery stack up against longtime industry-favorite valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA)?

We’ve compared the 9PX6K-L lithium-ion UPS to our own 9PX6K with lead-acid batteries and crunched the numbers to help you decide. A lithium-ion UPS costs more up front, but it could deliver better value in the long run. It might just be the ultimate backup power solution for space-saving, risk-reducing, ROI- maximizing IT heroes like you.

Be A Master Of Space And Time

8-10 Years Of Battery Life

Set it and forget it.

That’s 2-3X longer than lead-acid battery-powered UPSs*

If lead-acid was the epic film Lawrence of Arabia (3 hr 47 min long)...

...the 9PX UPS would be the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (11 hr 22 min).

Here’s what you could do before the battery needs replacing:

Walking at average speed, you could walk 3000 miles coast-to-coast across the USA 20 times.1

Travel at lightspeed from the Sun to the constellation Sagittarius in 2.9 parsecs. (A parsec is 3.3 light years. And you thought the Kessel Run was fast.)2

*Compared to Eaton 9PX6K UPS with lead-acid batteries.

23% Lighter UPS, 52% Lighter Battery Packs (EBMs)*

Lift less, install faster. It’s the hero’s way.

Total weight:

Litium-ion UPS + 4 EBMs: 397lb.

Lead-acid UPS + 4 EBM: 706lb.

A difference of 309 lb. That’s like lifting... 25 average-weight bowling balls. Hear that? It’s your back, thanking you.

*Compared to Eaton 9PX6K UPS with lead-acid batteries.

33% Smaller EBM Footprint*

Saving rack units is a big W.

Each 9PX lithium-ion UPS extended battery module (EBM) has a footprint of 2U, vs 3U lead-acid.

So, if you were to install a 9PX lithium-ion UPS with 4 EBMs, you’d save 4U per rack.

4U is 7”. Which doesn’t seem like a lot. But, in a 100-rack data center, that’s more than 58 total feet of vertical space, or...

20% taller than the Hollywood sign. Nearly one full bowling lane (the dude abides)

Achieving new heights, 1U at a time!

*Compared to Eaton 9PX6K UPS with lead-acid batteries.

Be A Mighty Money-Saver

2-3X More Runtime*

More juice, less squeeze: lower cost per runtime minute.

The Eaton 9PX lithium-ion UPS delivers 8.7 minutes of runtime at full load.

In 8.7 minutes, an unladen European swallow can travel nearly 3 miles, travelling at maximum airspeed velocity (which everyone knows is 20.1 mph).

We attempted to run tests with coconuts but the swallows were unable to grip the husks. 3

Add 4 extended battery modules (EBMs) and you get:

Lithium-ion: 89 minutes

Lead-acid: 58 minutes

With lithium-ion batteries, that’s enough time to watch two full episodes of Twin Peaks. But when the EBMs kick in you probably won’t be watching shows. Or, at least, you shouldn’t be.

*Compared to Eaton 9PX6K UPS with lead-acid batteries.

$0 in Battery Replacement Costs* Saving battery replacement costs reduces TCO.

Over 10 years, that’s a savings of approximately $2000 per UPS.** In a data center with 100 UPS units, you’d save enough money to buy 2 gently used YT-1300 Light Freighters at 25,000 credits each.4

*Compared to Eaton 9PX6K UPS with lead-acid batteries.

**Assumes 2 replacements in a 10-year period, based on $1000 estimated cost for battery and labor.



So you can keep your cool.

The lithium-ion cells in the Eaton 9PX UPS have a thermal runaway point of 518 degrees Farenheit (170 degrees Celsius) That’s...

Nearly 4X the hottest surface temperature on Tatooine

And the optimal baking temperature for puff pastry (not that we’d recommend that).

5-YEAR WARRANTY It covers both the UPS and batteries. So your peace of mind remains unbroken.

That’s 157,680,000 seconds of peace of mind. Savor every one.

Change your middle initials to R.R. because reducing risk is what you do.

For more information about the new Eaton 9PX 6 kVA lithium-ion UPS and the full 9PX range, visit Eaton.com/9PX


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